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Open March Past TeamIt is with great pride that we announce that the South Port March Past team were recently accepted to be inducted into Surf Life Saving Australia's Hall of Fame.

This is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a team within Surf Life Saving Australia and South Port SLSC is now part of surf life saving history.

No March Past team, in a similar comparable period, during the entire history of SLSA sport, has achieved such outstanding distinguished prominence.

During this period 22 March Past Championships of at least National status have been conducted under the direction of SLSA. i.e. 19 Australian Championships, 2 World Championships (2006, 2012) and the Centenary of Surf Life Saving Championship at Bondi in November 2007.

South Port won 14 Gold medals whilst competing in 20 of these events (Did not contest 2011 & 2012 Australian Titles as the team had retired). All of the above championships were competed for by South Port's peers. No other team has won as many gold medals in a similar defined period.

A further outstanding feature about this team has been the consistency of its membership i.e. the top 12 Gold medallists have won a total of 135 Gold medals; being an average of 11.25 per person (A detailed appendix is attached).

A number of the teams gold medals have been achieved with 0 points, and on at least one occasion recorded the rarest achievement of "no deductions from any of the 24 judges officiating".

Some members of the team have been involved in winning other gold medals e.g. under age March Past. Any such medals are excluded from the figures above.

When analysed on an Australian Championship basis only, it is clear that no other team has ever won more Gold Medals in any 19 year period than the 11 won by South Port. Obviously the same high level of consistent team membership applies to this analysis.

In any other comparable 19 year period there has been at least 2 prominent teams sharing the Gold Medals, almost to the exclusion of other teams.

During the 19 years of South Port's prominence in which they won on 11 occasions, 7 other teams shared the Gold Medals, (Including the two years that South Port did not compete), no other team won more than twice.

For the avoidance of doubt it is noted that another South Port Team competed in the 2011 and 2012 Australian Championships. This team was predominately a ladies team which had amongst other things been successful, particularly as Bronze Medallists in 2007 joining the Gold Medallist Team (Subject of this nomination) on the dais. This occurrence is the only time that two teams from the same club have been on the victory dais together.

As noted by Professor Ed Jaggard editor of "Between the Flags" (The 100 year History of Surf Life Saving) not many competitors from the smaller states are successful on the national scene. He points out how the South Port Team is a rare exception to this.

Congratulations to the team on this incredible and well deserved achievement.

South Port March Past Hall of Fame


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240 Masters 1st 2015On Saturday February 28th the ‘experienced’ rowers of the club pulled their bathers on (and up) to represent the club at the 2015 Masters State Titles (Boats). The conditions at Aldinga were perfect for these old men and women of the sea – it was sunny, warm, flat and short(!) so we were all excited for the racing to begin. The crews involved were the ‘Sliders’ (120 women), the ‘Shades of grey’ (140 women), the no names (180 men) and the gold medal winning Phantoms (240 men).

The day started with the ‘Shades of grey’ hitting the water in their heat and literally hitting the Glenelg boat on the beach. The result was that they came 1st and made it to their final, but they also broke two of Glenelg’s oars (result of not moving a boat far enough up the beach - think Glenelg need a BHU)! Next on the water were the 180 men who with little training battled hard and finished 3rd in their heat. Unfortunately, they needed to finish one spot higher to make their final but now they were able to fill the important role of BHU (Boat Handers Union) and assist the oldies with moving the boat.

With no heat, the Sliders had a straight out final so were unsure of the standard of the competition they would be facing. They had also been rattled earlier in the week with the late withdrawal of their stoke due to work commitments but were able to find a replacement with Nicole Berry – someone who has had little to no experience in a boat but did unbelievably well! Under the smooth tones of Dollar, the girls started the race slowly to ensure timing and catches were spot on. They turned the can in last spot but due to a good fitness base were able to row down Grange to win the first medal of the day for the club - Bronze.

140 Masters 2nd 2015Next, the damaging ‘Shades of Grey’ were ready to fight it out in a very tough and tight final. It was close out and back in as a number of boats turned together. When they crossed the finishing line they were able to grab the colour medal that was a natural fit for their name – silver.

The final race of the day was the Phantoms, who are used to success with State, Aussie and World medals in their collection. There were great expectations from those on the beach hoping that the boys could complete the medal collection for the club. Luckily, the boys were not blinded by Douggie’s (fluoro green) shorts and could see gold for the taking! As they crossed the line, those from the club showed their passion for the sport, the club and each other.

It was a wonderful day for the club with the collection of points and medals but more importantly those involved had a great time. Some were able to reminisce the old days and for others it was a day of firsts: Nicole Berry rowed a boat, Laura Greer took part in her first Masters Comp and Wal picked up his first Gold medal in 25 years.

Well done and congratulations to those involved:

Masters States Boats 2015Sliders:
Sweep: Chris (Dollar) Foord
Megan Syvertsen
Sara Lane
Nicole Berry
Kate Liersch

Shades of Grey:
Sweep: Brad Vogt
Kath Vogt
Mary Carr
Penny McKenzie
Laura Greer

No Namers:
Sweep: Adam (Douggie) Parkinson
Ian (Dodgy) Hodgen
Michael ( Budge) Goldfinch
Malcolm (Rambo) Rudd
Gavin (Craggsy) Cragg

Sweep: Adam (Douggie) Parkinson
Dick (Olly) Olesinski
Chris (Dollar) Foord
David (Wal) Watt
Paul (Howsey) Howse

You can see the day's photo gallery by clicking HERE

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You can see the photo gallery for the day by clicking HERE

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Masters Boaties 2015Medal Winners -
Bronze Medal (120 Women's): Sweep - Chris (Dolla) Foord, Rowers - Sara Lane, Megan Syvertsen, Kate Liersch & Nicole Berry.
Silver Medal (140 women's): Sweep - Brad Vogt, Rowers: Laura Greer, Penny Mackenzie, Mary Carr & Kathryn Vogt.
Gold Medal (240 men's): Sweep - Adam (Douggie) Parkinson, Rowers: Chris (Dolla) Foord, Dick (Olly) Olesinski, Paul (Howsey) Howse & David (Wal) Watt (Wal's first gold in 25 years of rowing!) 
Competitors - 
All of the above, plus the 180 Men's crew consisting of Sweep - Adam (Douggie) Parkinson, Rowers - Michael (Budge) Goldfinch, Ian (Dodgy) Hodgen, Gavin Cragg & Malcolm (Rambo) Rudd. 
Conditions -
Flat as a tack! Sunny, hot & not a ripple in sight. 
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